Product engineering

Production model

Product engineering is about the smart elaboration of the product design to a model that is ready for production. The lines have been plotted during the industrial design phase, but things really start with the product engineering. The final dimensions, components, material types and production methods are determined at this stage. All solutions are detailed, 3D CAD modelled and validated.

Our mechanical engineers are specialised in steel and plastic production detailing. We can always find the right production partner for your product through our large network in the manufacturing industry. Moreover, as an independent design agency, we are not bound to certain material suppliers or production methods.

3D CAD savings

Our experienced engineers quickly and efficiently draw in advanced 3D CAD software. During this process parts are worked out, connections made, operations and treatments indicated and drawings drawn up.

We ensure great cost savings for our clients by ensuring that our 3D CAD models can be used as much as possible by our production partners. This saves considerably in costs for the elaboration of technical production drawings and transfer.


Costs transparent

An estimate of the expected investment costs early in the design process is highly desirable. With every decision during the design process, the investment costs are one of our considerations. If the design is further elaborated, provisional product price calculations can be drawn up. This is ultimately further specified using digital 3D models.

Standard components

By cleverly integrating standard components, we can realise low production costs and quick assembly of parts. Think of drives, control components, controls, batteries, bearings and lighting. If components that are directly available on the market cannot be used, customised technical solutions are created. We make optimal considerations in function and costs of both standard and custom designed components.

Good materials

Sustainability is embedded in all our design competences and choices and therefore cannot be assigned to one specific part of the design trajectory. Nevertheless, this deserves special attention in the choice of materials: great benefits can be achieved here quickly by making the right choices. As a design agency for sustainable products, we have a great deal of knowledge in the field of sustainable plastics and metals. We work together with various material suppliers.
Our product designers consider the many aspects that are important in material selection: strength, budget, production method, design, functionality, lifespan, reusability, etc. By choosing the right materials the quality is increased, costs are saved and the basis for a sustainable future is laid. We like to work according to the cradle-to-cradle philosophy: waste does not exist. The design must therefore consider the ‘end’ of the product life cycle.

In safe hands

Your product design is in safe hands with us

  • You remain the owner of your idea and product concept at all times.
  • You have one trusted contact person to whom you can address your questions and wishes.
  • Confidential project information is treated as such and not disclosed without your permission.
  • In product engineering the desired result is monitored based on design specifications and risk assessments.
  • Files are delivered in the format of your preference – or that of your production partner.
  • We are aware of current standards and certifications.
  • We are a personally involved and reliable design agency.

Proven through prototyping

We build and test prototypes to validate designs in terms of use and function. Our design engineers have knowledge of 3D printing and cheap moulds for small batches. Furthermore we have access to a laser cutter, turning and milling machine, 3D printer and professional prototype builders. By combining this knowledge and resources, we can work quickly to high-quality prototypes and test product concepts in a realistic way.

A realistic prototype can be tested on aspects such as strength resistance, durability, temperature changes, weather influences and many other loads. In addition, our prototypes are used by our clients to convince potential customers and partners. The validated prototype ultimately forms the basis for mould engineering and production preparation.

Design engineers

We have experience with

  • Sheet metal and tube constructions
  • Rotation moulding, sheet metal, vacuum form and injection moulding products
  • Mechanical operation
  • Sustainable materials
  • Electric drives

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