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We are Wortel, a team of ambitious product designers and product engineers who design sustainable products for its clients.

In 2009, Frank Westland started as an entrepreneur with the design of products for various SME companies. In order to bring new or better products to the market, these companies are looking for more design capacity or expertise. This makes sense, because product development is a specialism and not the profession of any company. Over the years he noticed how also large companies, who often have their own developers and engineers, are looking for innovative ideas and specialist knowledge. Businesses increasingly shared his vision to develop sustainable products. This formed the basis for design agency Wortel.

Product development of Wortel offers

  • Expertise in sustainable products
  • Experience with SMEs and large companies
  • Flexible deployable design capacity
  • Innovative products that convince customers

Wortel stands for sustainability, growth and innovation. Our design agency enables companies to develop good products, by supporting with technical knowledge and innovative ideas. With a personal and result-oriented approach our involved designers focus on a successful collaboration. We do not simply supply 3D models or prototypes, but stand for realisable product designs.

Working together with us is choosing

  • Technical knowledge and innovative ideas
  • A fresh look and new design insights
  • Result-oriented, no-nonsense approach
Frank Westland
Product engineer & Owner

Product designer who likes to come up with smart solutions. His starting point is to design good products that are compatible with the market.

Stijn Oude Lenferink
Industrial designer

A committed designer with a focus on the end user. According to Stijn, a good design does not require user instructions.

Bas van der Leeden
Concept designer

Enthusiastic designer who loves sustainable designs and knows how to take care of business. A real collaborator who always counts on the principle that 1 + 1 = 3.

Casper Conradi
Industrial engineer

All-round product designer who likes to support in all areas. Believes that critical thinking during the product design phase will pay off later.

Luca Petersen
Industrial designer

Product Designer with a passion for coming up with creative solutions for complex issues.

Jesse Janssen
Industrial designer

Product designer who focuses on developments that matter.

Sjevon Houwen
Product designer

Product designer who likes to focus on creativity and always critically examines products.

Bram Snijders
Product designer

A passionate and enthusiastic designer who uses smart techniques to create designs for the users.

Good products

All products are produced, transported, used and discarded. As product designers we have a big influence on these aspects. For example, we can opt for materials that are broken down by nature – or are completely reusable. We can design a product in such a way that it will last for a long time – or in a way that it is very easy to disassemble, adapt or improve. We can use non-toxic substances and smart production methods.
By making the right choices we can design good products. Products that make the world better, not worse. Products our clients can distinguish themselves with. Products that the customers of our clients choose for specifically, proudly and with conviction, now and in the future.

Sustainable product design offers

  • Improvement of the market position through distinctive products
  • Opportunities for new business models and cost savings
  • The chance to improve customer loyalty


Do you want to talk about our design vision?

From our design agency in Utrecht we design the sustainable products of the future.
Call us at +31 (0)30 20 21 552 to get in touch.

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