Product development at Wortel

Have you discovered a gap in the market? Do you have a good product idea? Would you like to lead the way with a sustainable product? Do you need additional knowledge or innovative solutions?
For our clients, we design sustainable products, such as industrial enclosures, professional appliances, vehicles and furniture.

Sustainable products for the future

With over 10 years of experience and technical expertise we enable you to deliver better and sustainable products to your customers. These products can be used by customers, the healthcare sector, industry, and in public spaces. Together we can make the world a little bit better.

Design agency Utrecht

From our design agency in Utrecht, we design the sustainable products of the future. Call us at +31 (0)30 22 70 360 to talk about our design vision or send us an email to get in touch.

What our clients say

B Pompe-zw
Dhr. B. Pompe, Schilte

“Technical SolidWorks support, product development and engineering from A to Z; Wortel Product Design has supported us well in all areas.”

B Struve-zw
Mw. B. Struve, ProRail

“Wortel Design has helped us professionally and enthusiastically to come from an idea to a working prototype. Wortel has shown enormous commitment during the collaboration. We are very satisfied.”

A Hylkema-zw
Dhr. A. Hylkema, Van Hall Larenstein

“Wortel was the ideal partner for us to get from idea to product. They designed a smart and easy-to-use solution for us and supervised the process up to production. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.”

Moving forward together

We work with you together as an extension of your R&D department.

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    Contact us

    T  +31 (0)30 22 70 360
    Bellweg 50,
    4104 BJ Culemborg, The Netherlands