We support the development process from idea right through to the production process. You can step in in any phase of the product development process: from an initial idea for a new product to the elaboration in detail.

Industrial Design

Our strength lies in a result-oriented approach towards a well-thought-out product concept. You will get quick answers through clear concept sketches and visualisations using global 3D CAD computer models.


Choices in terms of product appearance, ease of use, choice of materials and production process have a major influence on the final product. Our industrial designers make the right choices for each part by weighing the pros and cons in a unique way to get exactly what you need.

Your organisation has a lot of in-house knowledge and expertise. We have over 10 years of experience in product development and well-founded technical knowledge. Combining these forces leads to innovation.

We have experience with

  • Machines and devices
  • Enclosures and controls
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture & street furniture
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Product Engineering

Product engineering is about the smart elaboration of the product design to a model that is ready for production. Our experienced engineers quickly and efficiently draw in advanced 3D CAD software.


We make optimal considerations in function and costs of both standard and custom designed components. Sustainability is embedded in all our design competences and choices and therefore cannot be assigned to one specific part of the design trajectory.

An estimate of the expected investment costs early in the design process is highly desirable. With every decision during the design process, the investment costs are one of our considerations.

Our experience lies mainly in

  • Sheet metal and tube constructions
  • Plastic rotational moulding, sheet metal, vacuum form and injection moulding products
  • Wood, sheet metal and post-processing
  • Mechanical operation and electric drives
  • Sustainable materials
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Our prototypes ensure validation of the product design before major production investments are made.


We build and test prototypes to validate designs in terms of use and function. Because we make high-quality prototypes in-house and with local partners, we are able to realise these at low costs and within a short period of time.

A realistic prototype can be tested on aspects such as strength resistance, durability, temperature changes, weather influences and many other loads. In addition, our prototypes are used by our clients to convince potential customers and partners.

High-quality prototypes

  • Convincing those involved
  • Full-fledged 0-series
  • Low costs
  • Quick insight into feasibility
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Production support

Our strength in production support lies in our broad network of production partners and our knowledge of production processes.


With production support you receive clear cost and investment calculations, you are guided in the contact with the manufacturer and the quality of the thought-out product design is monitored.

We ensure great cost savings for our clients by ensuring that our 3D CAD models can be used by our production partners.

Clear production run

  • Insight into the costs
  • Validated prototype
  • Direct contact
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