Production support

Smooth transfer

With production support you receive clear cost and investment calculations, you are guided in the contact with the manufacturer and the quality of the thought-out product design is monitored.
Because we already include the production process in our weighing factors from the very first concept design, the thought-out product design can be transferred efficiently. Based on our transfer report, our production partners start their mould engineering and optimisations.

The best production partners

Our strength in production support lies in our broad network of production partners and our knowledge of production processes. We have personal contacts in Europe and China who can carry out local quality controls. We conduct the contact, supervise the test series and ensure that everything goes according to plan.


Cost reduction

We ensure great cost savings for our clients by ensuring that our 3D CAD models can be used by our production partners. This way costs are saved considerably for the development of technical production drawings.
In order to guarantee competitive prices and quality, we work together with producers in both Europe and Asia.
Our clients make free use of our extensive network and may have direct contact with producers. This way we offer transparency and clarity about production.

Clear production run

  • Transparent costs
  • Validated prototype
  • Direct contact

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