High-quality prototypes

We build and test prototypes to validate designs in terms of use and function. Our design engineers have knowledge of 3D printing and cheap moulds for small batches. Furthermore, we have access to a laser cutter, turning and milling machine, 3D printer and professional prototype builders. By combining this knowledge and resources, we can work quickly to high-quality prototypes and test product concepts in a realistic way.

Industrial design

Our prototypes ensure validation of the product design before major production investments are made. Test models often provide practical information that cannot be obtained from technical studies and digital models. Because we make high-quality prototypes in-house and with local partners, we are able to realise these at low costs and within a short period of time. By making clever use of visualisation, calculation and construction software, we prevent that unnecessary prototypes are being made.



A realistic prototype can be tested on aspects such as strength resistance, durability, temperature changes, weather influences and many other loads. In addition, our prototypes are used by our clients to convince potential customers and partners. The validated prototype ultimately forms the basis for mould engineering and production preparation.

High-quality prototypes

  • Convincing those involved
  • Full-fledged 0-series
  • Low costs
  • Quick insight into feasibility

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