Industrial design

Result-oriented product design

Our strength lies in a result-oriented approach to a well-thought-out product concept. We do this based on a well-organised route that is tailored to your demand.
Our industrial designers provide concept sketches, functional and technical solutions, material preferences, first trial models, user tests, digital presentation sketches, 3D models and production considerations for sustainable product concepts that match your market.
A good design determines to a large extent the success of a new product. The basis of a good design is laid in the concept design. Let us support you in this.

Quick visualisation

An image says more than a thousand words. How will the product work, what does it look like and what is the purpose of certain components? You will receive quick answers through clear concept sketches and visualisations via global 3D CAD computer models. This makes it quickly clear whether your product innovation is viable and appeals to the market. The digital 3D CAD model is used for comparison, communication and testing of designs. A detailed digital 3D CAD model can form the basis for elaboration, optimisation and testing in the follow-up of the design process.

The best product concept

Choices in terms of product appearance, ease of use, choice of materials and production process have a major influence on the final product. Only the right choices lead to the best product concept.

In order to be able to make these choices properly, it is not necessary to work out several concepts in detail. In addition, no choices must be made based on assumptions. Our industrial designers make the right choices by weighing the pros and cons for each part in a unique way. The requirements and wishes for the product idea are translated together with you into weighing points. Because of this you as a client have control over the end result. Together with you we work towards a product concept in which all important considerations have been covered.

The end result is therefore one product concept: after all, all alternatives have already been considered during the process and the choice for the best solution has been made in accordance with you. This way you get exactly what you need.

Innovative solutions

Almost all innovations are created by bringing together ideas and techniques from different markets.

Your organisation has a lot of in-house knowledge and expertise. We have over 10 years of experience in product development and well-founded technical knowledge. Combining these forces leads to innovation.

As a design agency we like no other see different ideas, markets, solutions, materials and production possibilities pass by. With a fresh look at your product and with our knowledge from different markets we come to new solutions.


Distinctive design

A distinctive design can be of great importance for the sale of your product. A nice look & feel makes your product stand out from the competition and emphasises the strong qualities of your product. A product can bind the user group by being easy and comfortable to use. The starting point is that users understand the product design without any form of prior knowledge.

The end user forms the starting point for the clear design language of your product. Our product designers design using ergonomic design guidelines and anthropometric data from the target group.

Tested solutions

We make product ideas tangible through test models: mock-ups that radiate the look and feel of the end product and proof-of-principle models that provide insight into the technical functionality. In our workshop and in collaboration with suppliers, we efficiently set up test models using wood, foam, aluminium, steel and PLA, among other things. This way we can validate the feasibility, view ratios and perform ergonomic tests with users. The product concept is then optimised based on the test models.

An example is a controller in the construction industry that is used both inside and outside and is sometimes thrown through the air. In this case, the model can be used to test the ease of use with and without gloves and to test the drop resistance of the product.

Realisable designs

We stand for the development of realisable product designs. We do not design to design, but to get results: a good and sustainable product. Therefore, technical knowledge about the production methods and feasibility form the basis for our designs.

At the end of the design phase, there is a well thought-out and detailed product concept. However, a design only really becomes something when it can be produced. The end of the industrial design phase should therefore seamlessly go into the next phase of product development: product engineering.

Experienced designers

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  • Furniture & street furniture

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